quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2016

Brazilian International Consultants

In 2010 we founded Alpha Premium Consultants.after more 30 years career at International Companies.

Alpha Premium offers the following services:

- Top Management Support, Controllership, Finance & Operations best practices. Market Intelligence. Business Development.

Costs Reduction ProjectsWe work with a team ofexperts that will map the costs and will identify and implement costs reduction measures.

We are specialized in  Advanced Cost Systems (ABC/ ABM , Standard, CMS ), Plant Controlling, Business Controlling, Business Plan, P&L and working capital improvement.

We can support  your company in finance and operations projects, including M&A, Acquisitions, Due Diligencies, Evaluation, Restructuring Plan, Change Management, Costs Reduction Plan,  Interim Management.

Contact - arilopes@folha.com.br

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