sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016

Brazil Business Consultants

We are very experienced consultants with more than 30 years working for medium size and big corporations.

Top Management SupportControllership, Finance & Operations best practices.

Costs Reduction ProjectsWe work with a team ofexperts that will map the costs and will identify and implement costs reduction measures.

We are specialized in  Advanced Cost Systems (ABC/ ABM , Standard, CMS ), Plant Controlling, Business Controlling, Business Plan, P&L and working capital improvement.

We can support  your company in finance and operations projects, including M&A, Acquisitions, Due Diligencies, Evaluation, Restructuring Plan, Change Management, Costs Reduction Plan,  Interim Management.

We can train your managerial level in leadership, effective comunication, team work and advanced cost system tolls.

We help to develop strategies for Brand, Employees and Customers appreciation.

Feel free to contact - alphapremium@alphapremiumconsultoria.com.br
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